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Why Guilford Violins?


  • All instruments are set up in our Guilford workshop to the same standards as professional players’ instruments; we don’t pass on instruments directly from a factory.


  • We are conveniently located in Guilford and invested in our community as well as the Guilford music program.


  • Guilford Violin Rentals has a large inventory of instruments instruments are ready for pickup in every size.


  • Since beginning rentals in 2005, we use only the highest quality European-made quality instruments; we never buy instruments with poorly seasoned wood and rushed workmanship from China.


  • We are always available to answer questions a renter may have about their instrument.  Because we are a workshop and rental business we can promptly address any issue that arises in-shop rather than making you wait for us to send it out for repair.


  • With over 40 years of  instrument repair and performing, our professional finishes every instrument in our workshop, whether violin, viola or cello.


  • We fit the pegs to ensure easy tuning, carve the top nut so that the instrument feels comfortable on the left hand, plane the fingerboard for smooth shifting and consistent intonation, hand carve and fit a bridge a bridge specific to the instrument that strings are a comfortable height, make the sound post from scratch to ensure clear tone, and put on a premium set of strings.

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